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Search Engine Optimization Is Organically(Unpaid Method) To Increase Traffic Or Quantity Of Site Or Page.

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If You Want To Become A Digital Marketer And Work In This Field Permanently.

I Advise You To Never Give Up And Write More And More Blogs To Achieve Your Dreams

In The Field Of Digital Marketing, Seo Is Best & Superb Way To Increase Or Drive More Traffic On Your Website.

In Seo, On Your Website Or Blog Your Content Should Be Writing Good And Effective So Customer Easily Reaches You And Their All Needs Fulfilled.

According To A Survey, Many A Blogger Write An Effective Blog And Earn A 90,000-1,00,00 INR Per Month.

In Seo, Two Main Things Are Important First Your Site Content And Second Is Keyword Optimizing.

In This, We Have To Write Content And Sometimes Add More Content Or Edit Content.

Types Of SEO

  • Black Hat Seo
  • White Hat Seo
  • Gray Hat Seo
  • Local Seo
  • E-Commerce Seo

Black Hat Seo(Search Engine Optimization)

Black Hat Seo-Search Engine Optimization-Sr Digital Creator-2020

Black Hat Seo Is A Way You Increase Your Site Rank Or Traffic Within A Less Time.

But This Type Of Method Is Illegal And Violates The Term Of Search Engine.

Because Of The Violation Of Policies, With The Help Of Black Hat Seo, You Rank Your Website And Drive Traffic

But After Some Time You Site Is Banned By Search Engine And You Have To Face Some Penalty.

This Includes Copied Content, Keyword Stuffing, Doorway Pages, Invisible Text, Article Spinning, Etc.

If You Find Out That Your Content Is Copied By Someone And Rank Higher Than Yours, You File A Report On The Webspam Report.

White Hat Seo(Search Engine Optimization)

White Hat SEO-Search Engine Optimization-SR Digital Creator-2020

In White Hat Seo, There Is No Violation Of Policy Of Search Engines But It Takes More Time.

Through This Method, You Rank Your Site In Less Time And Increase High-Quality Traffic.

White Hat Seo Is More Frequently Used By Those Who Intend To Make A Long-Term Investment On Their Website.

If Your Content Is Effective And People Like Your Content And Your Choosing Keyword Is Good

Then You Easily Bring More Traffic And Google Site Your Rank On No.1.

In This Seo Includes Site Loading Speed, Content, Keyword Optimization, Meta Tag & Description, Site Navigation.

Make Your Site That Easily Finds By Customers And Write Content That Attracts More Customers

And Choose Keyword Whose Search Volume Is High And Write Your Meta Tag & Description Which Match Customers Requirement.

Gray Hat Seo(Search Engine Optimization)

Gray Hat SEO-Search Engine Optimization-SR Digital Creator-2020

Gray Hat Seo Is Technically Legal Method To Increase Your Site Rank And Which Is One Day Become A Black Hat Seo.

This Method Works When Customers Like Your Site And Suggest To Other Peoples Then Google Thinks That The Site Is Legal And Follows All Search Engine Policies.

This Is A Legal Method If You Are Doing With Right Way And Follows All Search Engines Guidelines.

This Includes Buy Expire Domain, Negative Seo(Hurting Competitor’s Site), Buying & Selling Links, Buying Positive Reviews, Content Scraping, Etc.

Local Seo(Search Engine Optimization)

Local SEO-SR Digital Creator-2020

Local Seo Means Listing On Google Map. This Method Is Suitable When You Want To Bring Your Customer To The Showroom.

This Is The Way To Promote Your Product And Services Locally And Increase Traffic Locally.

In This, You Have To Register On Google My Business And Describe Your Business Product And Services

So They Will Easily Understand Your Product And Want To Buy Your Product & Services.

Customer Review And How Other People Think About Your Products And Services.

How Closely Is Your Business To Searcher & Relevant Search Query, Includes In Local Seo.

E-Commerce Seo(Search Engine Optimization)

Ecommerce SEO-SR Digital Creator-2020

According To A Survey, 40% Of All Traffic To E-Commerce Sites Comes From Search Engines .30% Of E-Commerce Orders Are Directly Tied To Organic Traffic.

Ecommerce Seo Means To Increase Your Online Store’S Google Traffic And Drive More Sales.

Describe Your Product Clearly So People Understand Your Product And Easily Chooses Your Products.

Meta Title Description H1 Includes In Ecommerce Seo. Ecommerce Seo Is All About Ensuring Your Product Pages Appear Among Those Ten Organic Search Results.

It’s All Depend On Search High Volume Search Keyword Because High Volume Search Keyword Increases Your Sales And Traffic.


Search Engine Optimization Is The Best Or Organic Way To Increase Traffic On Your Sites.

If You Choose The Or Legal Way And Write Which Is Like By Peoples And People Suggest You Links Then It Helps You To Drive More Traffic.

In Black And Gray Hat Seo Have Some Risk And Google May Ban Your Sites Because Of Policy Violation

But White Hat Seo Helps You To Drive More Traffic If Your Content Is Effective And Good Or Follows All Search Engine Guidelines.

Search Engine Rank Your Site In Less Time If Your Content Is Powerful Or Site Contains Some Powerful Backlinks And Customer Likes Your Sites.

SR Digital Creator Company Rank Your Site In less Time And Helps You To Attract Customers And Convert Them Into Loyal Customers.

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